How to get... Free Starbucks?!?

So I know this is a cupcake/dessert blog, but it's only my 3rd post, so that can easily change. Coffee blog? Bargain blog? Who knows. Whatever I feel like talking about blog? What goes better with dessert than coffee anyway right? So onto the good stuff.

How to get free Starbucks!? It's my goal to never pay for Starbucks again. I go everyday and get an iced triple espresso with soy. Sometimes in my personal cup (10 cents off) sometimes not. Occasionally I'll add a breakfast sandwich. This adds up people! My drink is $2.45 everyday. Let's say half the time I bring my personal cup and maybe five days I get a sandwich ($2.95). That's a total of $89.20! Ayyayay~ I just worked that out. Kay maybe it's not Never, but still it'll cover a lot.

I have an app called Shopkicks on my iPhone. It's available on Android too. But, basically you get points for walking into stores that you'd normally go to. You just turn on the app, and hit "walk in" and you get the points.

You can get more by doing the "instant surprise" on the circles with stars in them. People you know can send you gift that can double your walk in points. When you get 1250 points, you get a $5 gift card to Target, Starbucks, Bestbuy... and lots of other stuff.

I've had the app for a few months and already redeemed about $45 worth of cards! That's without trying that hard! Someone I know got enough points to buy a iPAD people! In six months!


Another app I have is called Viggle. Thank you Sheena for introducing me. If you are like me, you watch a lot of TV. UGH. But even if you don't, it's okay. I started this app 1 month ago. I just redeemed $35 of Starbucks cards on it! That's like 14.89 drinks for free! Basically, you check in through a method similar to Shazaam. You put the phone next to the tv, and it picks up the audio and asks you to confirm.

You get 1 point per minute. Not a lot. But if you check into the "Featured Shows", you get a lot of bonus points.

You have to be checked in for at least 10 minutes to get the bonus. Another way to get a lot of points is to watch the ads. The bottom will say something like "+50 Watch Burger King Commercial" and it's like 15 seconds long. By doing this you can get almost 500 points in 5 minutes if you do it during primetime.  Another trick, when you are not in front of the tv, you can check in anyways. It will fail, and ask you to try again 2 x, and then you can manually enter the show and check in! Woo hoo! One more tip is to check into sports. The ones that are 3 hours long are the best! And I try to check into something really long right before I go to sleep.
My redemption after a month!

So, instead of playing games ALL the time, which I usually do, try changing your habits for a month and make so extra $$ for free! My goal was Starbucks. What's your goal?!


  1. this is probably the most useful/helpful blog post ive read in a REALLY long time.

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  3. unni! you are a born blogger! LURV IT MUCHOS!! hen hao!

  4. I just try to find people to buy me Starbucks :)

  5. @Shannon Alas, I am not as beautiful as you to get people to buy me Starbucks. ;)

  6. I hope this comment works

  7. Yay it worked! I kept trying yesterday and it wouldn't load. Anyway that's so cool Joyce... But does that wiggle thing work only with live tv? And what's shazaam? I thought that was a movie where shaq plays a giant genie?

    Anyway I'm so proud of you for starting this! I will be a faithful follower :)

  8. i cant seem to get viggle down~ but this explained a lot.


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