Wendy's Strawberry Shortcake Frosty Parfait Review

Okay, so I was craving something sweet... as always.
So I stopped by Wendy's for lunch, and this caught my eye.
At $1.79 it's not a bad deal.
So it's basically a vanilla frosty, with strawberry syrup, fresh strawberries, and shortbread crumb pieces. The crumby things are GOOD! You know those Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars? Tastes like a deconstructed one!  A little too much syrup in mine, but I just left it on the bottom and it was all good. I'd take this over a McDonald's strawberry sundae. Yeah I said it~ What you gonna do? :D Have a good weekend everyone!!


  1. that does look gooood~ love strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. enjoying your blog Joyce! :)


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