Popcorners & Cocola Bakery Macarons Review

Have you guys tried this?! It's so good! Sheena bought it at the airport in a vending machine. Never tried it before, but it's quite tasty. The texture is crispy and light, not that crunchy. The white cheddar flavor is definitely there. I really want to try the kettle and butter flavor.

In San Jose, there is a bakery called Cocola at Santana Row. If I ever see macarons, I'mma buy macarons. They were $1.25 each, $16 for 15!  They have giant ones for $2.60 each.

Display case

Box of 15
 Flavors (top to bottom) are Passion fruit, Raspberry, Pistachio, Coffee & Chocolate.
Hana and me waiting to eat!
Giant Pistachio Macaron

Perfect ratio of filling!
My review is that they were great. The price was so reasonable too. In Paris, you can pay up to $3 for one macaron (a little one!) The cookie was nice and chewy, and the filling was good. Not too sweet, but sweet enough to enjoy with a cup of black coffee. I like to put mine in the freezer and eat after thawing for 5 minutes. Macaron ice cream! I'll definitely go back if ever I'm in the area.

Cocola Bakery


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