Potato Chips & Ketchup - I'm serious

Just a quick post. Studying is hard work!
This is a great/yummy snack.
You eat french fries with ketchup right?
POTATO CHIPS! it's good!

I like to cut a little hole in the middle of the packet, then bend it and squeeze it out. Like the mustard sauce in deluxe lunchables that you only got during field trips.

Make little designs!
Good with chocolate too! >;D
 One more suggestion.
You want a dip? KETCHUP AND SOUR CREAM. omg. it's so good.
Don't say eww until you try it.
HAHAHA Enjoy!!
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  1. hahahahhahahahah u and your ketchup hole~! i had forgotten about that~ lol~ happy studying~!

  2. Thank you for posting this! I brought this up when some of the guys were hanging out and people said that's just wrong! Now I have a source to prove how genius this is!

    1. Yes!! I told a guy I know about this, and apparently in the South they do this all the time! I learned about it from my cousin who is from Korea. I don't know where I got the idea for the ketchup/sour cream dip though..

  3. OMG!!! you know what else is good with plain ruffles???? pour some Tapatio in the bag and shake it up! learned it from my mexican coworjers...sooooooo good


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