Free Soul Caffe & Little Sheep Vegan Cupcakes & Mongolian Hot Pot Review

After my Chinese class on Saturday, I found this vegan bakery/cafe. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a carnivore, but I thought it'd be fun to try something new. Usually, the words "Vegan" and "Vegetarian" instantly make me think it's going to be nasty, but it had great reviews so we stopped by. It's in old town Tustin, near the 5 & 55 Freeway.
Free Soul Caffe

The cafe itself was really spacious, clean and cute. I'd totally hang out there.
Store Front
There were so many goodies to pick from, I'm amazed that they can make so many vegan options!
Display case - ALL VEGAN!
Cupcakes, I'm going to try the red velvet next time. It was really light and fluffy. The icing layer was thin and not too sweet. Didn't taste fake or vegany at all. :D
Pistachio Green Tea Cupcake
Very creamy, tart and exactly what a raspberry cheesecake would taste like. It's not as rich or anything, but pretty darn good.

Raspberry Cheesecake
This one tastes pretty much like a Reese's peanut butter cup with an oreo crust. mmmm

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
I probably won't do restaurant reviews much on this blog, but this place was gooooood. It is in Irvine on Culver. Costs about $16 a person including tax & tip. We actually had a lot left over, and it fed 5 people. The portion was generous and the veggie bowl was hugemangous.
The broth was soooooo good and rich! It has Chinese spices in them so it was super flavorful without being salty. You just dip the assorted meats and veggies in the soup and let it cook. Then you fish it out and eat it! Like shabu shabu. I'd definitely go back.

Meat, tofu, Veggie Basket
Veggie Basket
Piece - so good!


  1. Little Sheep IS good! Those broths... But I feel like they don't give you enough meat for the price. Anyway more reviews please! I don't care as much for the sweet places but savory yes!!


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