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This past weekend I headed over to Gardena with some friends from out of town.  I had heard about this place from a friend before, but never had a chance to go.
I HEART ITALY! The pizza in Italy was so different from anything I'd ever had in America, so crispy and thin, you order 1 per person!
So imagine my delight when I got here and they looked so authentic!

The restaurant is very industrious looking. I think they took and old warehouse and made a restaurant out of it. They have an espresso machine and a gelato bar...

They bread they serve is nothing spectacular, but...

We first ordered a Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli in a Butter Sage sauce.
SO SIMPLE, yet so delicious.
The family we stayed with while in Italy actually made this for us.
They just boiled the pasta then tossed it in a pan that had melted butter and sage leaves.

They couldn't wait, so this picture is with half missing
Yes, it tastes just like Italy! The size is small, so I think you could definitely eat this by yourself.
We just did family style. This one is a mushroom pizza. The dough is so thin and crispy, and the cheese and sauce and mushroom... SO scrumptious. man.. my mouth is watering thinking about it.
Mushroom Pizza
The next one we got was called "Four..." something. I can't remember. Anyways, I thought it would have 4 toppings all together, but instead, they just put one topping on 1/4 of the pizza. It was still good. It was mushroom, artichokes, ham, & sausage
4 topping pizza
We actually got a salad with tuna, and a roasted vegetable dish.
I couldn't leave without getting gelato, so I got Pistachio & Bacio (Nutella) flavors.
Tiramisu! This thing was really tall. For some reason you can't see the espresso soaked lady fingers in this picture. But they were there - on the bottom. The cream was so light and smooth, yet still rich in flavor. It had little chocolate chips in it so it was fun to eat. I loved the texture.
Delicious Tiramisu
 So between 5 girls, we got 2 pasta dishes (same thing) 2 pizzas, 1 salad, 1 veggie dish, 1 gelato, 1 wine, 2 tiramisu (yes, 2!)

I wasn't dying full because the food is actually not that heavy.
The bill came out to about $85? I'm not sure, I only glanced it at when my friend paid. SO NICE!
It might be kind of expensive for anyone who eats a LOT.
make it a light dinner and control yourself! CHEEZE! Why are you eating 2 tiramisu(s) anyways?!

This was like homestyle and restaurant style together. 
I'm def gonna come back anytime I want some REAL ITALIAN food.


  1. this is not a good post to be reading at 10:30 at night...all it does is make me hungry and crave pizza

  2. wow looks delicious, especially the ravioli!


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