Beignets and Snowball @ Jazz Kitchen Express

Today, I stopped by Downtown Disney during lunch to buy some tickets.
It was around 94 degrees today, so I stopped by Jazz Kitchen Express to try out their New Orleans style Snowballs and Beignets.

The snowball is basically like a SnoCone: shaved ice with flavored syrup. I wish I got a prettier one for the picture. I got the coconut flavor, so it's white. It was really refreshing on this scorching hot day. Not too syrupy, and I liked the texture of the ice too. $2.99

Coconut Snow Ball
Beignets! These are like a donut. They are freshly fried and served to order. The minimum you can get is 4 for $4.99. They are about 2in X 2in. They come in a white paper bag and are sitting on a bed of powdered sugar. Eat this OUTSIDE or at a table, it will get all over your clothes and car.
I guess you are supposed to shake the bag. When I got them they were hot and delish!!! I took a bite, and YUMMMMMMYY!! dip back into sugar and another bite! and another! and another! Where'd it all go!?
The outside is crispy and light, and the inside is barely there. When it's hot, it's kind of like... churro/donut. I don't thnk the bread itself is sweet, hence the powdered sugar.

Beignet inside
I would like to tell you that I only ate one.. and gave the rest away. Alas, I did not. I ate 3. in succession. I left one in the breakroom in hopes that someone else would eat it, but I'm very tempted to go in there and check. I immediately felt sick. That's how I know this is a proper dessert. If you feel good after eating dessert, is it really worth eating?! IS IT?!
Bag of powdered Sugar
Leftover Powdered sugar.

I'd def go back, but with a friend so I can a leeetle portion control.



  2. Hey Joni Tate talked about those and how good they are there!!! I always wanted to try. Maybe before the concert.

    P.S. Thanks for FINALLY updating. :) Just kidding


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