Caffe Concerto Macarons & Cupcakes

Do you want macarons?!! then come here... my goodness there are a lot! I walked in here and RAN to the back of the store. My heart quickened.. HEAVEN!!!! AHHHHH
They are so preeeettty!.
This place is in Koreatown, LA off of Serano and 6th street. I initially saw it while at the restaurant next door, but it was closed that time. So, I made a mental note to come back. Glad I did.

Stunning array... droooooooolll
They had samples!!! He said you would like some? "hmmmmmm... sure... >:D"
and then he LEFT to do something!! Not a good idea sir... I'm pretty sure I ate about $10 worth of samples in the time that he was gone. MUHAHAHAHA
What? Free Samples? Don't mind if I do....
Why are these so beautiful to me?
Upstairs Cafe
We decided to go upstairs cuz it was pretty hot that day. The decor is really cute. Pretty nice for groups. I don't really think it's a study place because it was quite fancy.
Cute Chair
I love their chairs!
Is this high chair really safe?
Oh Dahling.. please sit on my face!
We ordered espresso, cupcakes, and more macarons. Going from left to right:
Salted caramel macaron, Olive cupcake, Vanilla macaron, Strawberry macaron, Coconut macaron, Cafe Latte macaron, Black Sesame cupcake, Black Sesame macaron.
Cupcakes $3.50 Each
Macarons $1.75 Each (I think... it's been 2 weeks since I was here)
Oh my goodness gracious
Kay, first the cupcakes. Interesting idea! I've never heard of an Olive or Black Sesame flavored cupcake before. When I first saw it, I actually thought it was a jalapeƱo cupcake... should I attempt it?! hahaha NACHO CHEESE CUPCAKE AHHH!!!!
okay, got off topic.
So with the cupcakes, both of the cakes taste the same. Just plain vanilla? All of the flavor is in the frosting. The frosting is very.. buttercreamy. Not sugary, not too sweet, but a little oily in the mouth. The olive flavor is more like a mild olive, not the sour kind. Oh I know! It tastes like sweet olive oil. It was fun to try once, but I don't think I'll get it again.
Macarons: Salted Caramel was the best. Followed by black sesame. Overall, they were all delicious, but these two stood out. The texture here is a little softer than I usually like.
Black Sesame cupcake & macaron
All in all, I'd def come back here. It's so cute and lovely. I felt like a lady in there sipping tea and nibbling pastries. "Oh dear, can you pass the cream? Thank kyoh" (for those of you who don't know me, I tend to slip into an English/Indian accent when I want to be fancy.)


  1. ooh that looks shmancy... the salted caramel sounds good! btw this is random but you have to try haagen-dazs' limited edition salted caramel and chocolate truffle vanilla ice cream! sooo good. anyway go back to work! ;)

  2. OMG SARAH! you're so funny!!

  3. hahahhaa
    i'm dying~~~ i want some~!
    did i tell u i tried to make macarons? ...
    turned into sticky chewy (not in a good way) crackers....


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