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6 Easy Ways to Save Money While Eating Out

1. ORDER WATERIt's so easy to order a drink everytime you eat, but those can add up. $3 for a coke, plus tax and tip will cost you $4 every meal. If you go out for lunch 5 times a week, and dinner 3 times a week, that adds up to $1,664 a year. This is not including alcohol! It's much healthier for you and I mean, it's an extra $1,600 a year! If you are a couple, that's $3,200 a year on just drinks at restaurants. This doesn't include coffee either! If you REALLY feel like a coke, share with someone. 

2. USE COUPONS No, not the coupons you cut out. (Although, there's nothing wrong with that.) There are plenty Groupon, Living Social, Yelp coupons available in your local area. (Pair that with a Groupon coupon code AND Ebates and you're saving a ton of money.) Always check into the restaurant on Yelp, and there could be a coupon there for you.

3. USE CREDIT CARDSChase Sapphire Preferred Gives 2 points per dining - these points add up to money you can use for trave…